CheerpX For Flash helps leading Healthcare Flex Application solve issue with access for 3rd party users

Our Client

Acesis is a leading innovator of healthcare performance improvement software that empowers physicians and other caregivers to manage, evaluate, and improve both efficiency and quality of care. 

By fusing extensive expertise in healthcare management with cloud-based enterprise software, Acesis enables fast, efficient data capture throughout the continuum of care and surfaces actionable insights and opportunities for process improvements.


What the project entailed

Acesis has invested heavily in a Large Enterprise Flex Application that serves the healthcare market since 2006. This web-based application allowed clients within different healthcare systems to record and manage the data they collect.

However, with the EOL of the Adobe Flash Player, access to the application would have become limited with Acesis only able to offer a local client installation via packaged Adobe AIR, while they work on the next generation of client implementation.

Using our CheerpX For Flash, our HTML5 Flash emulator, we were able to provide an alternative option that allowed Acesis’ Flex Application to run seamlessly on browsers, after the end of life of the Flash player.

The Result

Acesis now has two options when it comes to the Client implementation of their Enterprise Flex application. Alongside the option of the local install, CheerpX For Flash allows Acesis’ clients to access the application via a modern web browser. 

This is a vital lifeline for Acesis, as they are again able to provide a solution for clients where a local installation would be impossible. For example, when the users are outside of the particular Healthcare system or if the client doesn’t have the rights to install, which is common within an industry where you may be dealing with highly secure IT environments.


“CheerpX For Flash has solved a number of issues we had with access for 3rd party and occasional users. It extends the life of a large investment we have made and gives us a viable solution until it is in our Clients’ best interest to move. Now that our customers are happy we can put our resources towards developing the next generation of Client Implementation.” 


  • Kevin Chesney, CEO, Acesis Inc.


“We are extremely happy that we have been able to contribute to a vital lifeline for Acesis and it’s Client Implementation. This is a great example of how CheerpX for Flash can provide a long-term HTML5 solution for preserving accessibility to Flash applications on modern unmodified browsers.”


  • Stefano De Rossi, CEO, Leaning Technologies