About Us

We bring your software to the browser.

Compiled automatically, executed efficiently, fully client side. Our team of WebAssembly and compiler experts is ready to help you in your project.

We are based in Leeds, UK and Amsterdam, Netherlands, with customers worldwide.

8 years in business
4 development tools targeting HTML5
20M + sloc converted to HTML5
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Frequently Asked Questions


"Leaning" Technologies?

It's a not-well-concealed nod to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy, where our founders met during University.


Leaning "Technologies"?

We are a technology-first company. Our team of compiler engineers and WebAssembly experts push the boundaries of browser technologies every day.


Why Web Browsers?

Web Browsers are ubiquitous, and very powerful, standard platforms for delivering applications. By creating tooling for the browser, we enable applications to be served to virtually any user, on any operating system, on any device.


Could I really bring X to HTML5?

Very likely. Modern browsers no longer suffer from the limitations they once had (slow JavaScript, limited APIs, etc). They can be used to bring virtually any application to the web.


What languages do you speak?

All of our solutions are written in C++. Our tools compile or virtualise to JavaScript and WebAssembly. We provide solutions for C/C++, Java, Flash and x86 native applications.


Can I join?

We are always looking for new colleagues with something meaningfull to add, apply!

The leaning technologists

Meet the Team

Founder / CEO

Stefano De Rossi

Needs. More. Coffee. Probably on a call right now.

Founder / CTO

Alessandro Pignotti

Compiling compilers and finding bugs in the Matrix.

Founder / CFO & COO

Massimo Grava

Stopping the business from imploding. Dadding.

Senior Compiler Engineer

Yuri Iozzelli

WebAssembly guru-ing, tech wizz and avid speaker.

Compiler Engineer

Carlo Piovesan

Overoptimizing things, using std::map compulsively. Double dadding.

Business Development Manager

Waqas Rehman

Drinking Yorkshire tea, eating pistachios. Spreading the word.


Ryan Forde

Road, MTB, gravel, racing.

Compiler engineer

Lorenzo Marsicano

Human-being like.

Front-end software engineer

William Mitchell

Automating the impossible.

Sales, North America

Alexander St. Louis

“Look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey!”

Intern Compiler Engineer - Amsterdam

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