About Us

We bring your software to the browser. Compiled automatically, executed efficiently, fully client side. Our team of WebAssembly and compiler experts is ready to help you in your project.

We are based in Leeds, UK and Amsterdam, Netherlands, with customers worldwide.

7 years in business
2 industry leading compilers
20M + lines of code compiled

Curious minds in a human shell

Founder / CEO

Stefano De Rossi

Needs. More. Coffee. Probably on a call right now.

Founder / CTO

Alessandro Pignotti

Compiling compilers and finding bugs in the Matrix.

Founder / CFO & COO

Massimo Grava

Stopping the business from imploding. Dadding.

Senior Compiler Engineer

Yuri Iozzelli

WebAssembly guru-ing, tech wizz and avid speaker.

Compiler Engineer

Carlo Piovesan

Looking for ways to apply Lagrange multipliers. Double dadding.

Business Development Manager

Waqas Rehman

Drinking Yorkshire tea, eating pistachios. Spreading the word.


Ryan Forde

The newest guy in the velodrome.

Compiler Engineer

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