How to Run Java Applets Without Installing Java

CheerpJ Applet Runner

Looking to run Java applets without installing Java?

The CheerpJ Applet Runner extension allows you to run legacy Java Applets on Google Chrome without having to install Java.

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Run Java applets without installing Java

Using The CheerpJ Applet Runner is very simple, install the extension with 1 click and then enable it on applet based Web pages using the icon in the upper right corner of Chrome.

You are 2 clicks away from the applets you need or love!

This extension compiles the Java applet to JavaScript, which can be executed by your browser, on the fly, without relying on any remote server. This means that all your data, as well as your application, are kept within the boundaries of your browser.


What users had to say… 


A superb extension with great customer support! 

We have a large, extensive applet that displays automated weather reports from commercial aircraft– that is used by weather services worldwide. Thanks to CheerpJ we can now run it again in a browser.


Bill Moninger

With Java no longer working with any of the apps that I use for teaching statistics as a university professor, I was not able to show hands visual examples of regression concepts. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the CheerpJ extension… Great product!


J-P Laurenceau


Perfect solution for those whose browsers won’t load these older legacy applets.  Easy to use.  Excellent customer service (better than paid services I use).  Literally, nothing could be better.


Nathan Crowder



CheerpJ is the only solution for automatically converting Java applications to HTML5

The CheerpJ Applet runner extension is based on our professional Java to JavaScript compiler, CheerpJ.

CheerpJ provides an automated tool for converting full or partial legacy Java applications (including Applets and stand-alone Java clients) into a combination of WebAssembly and JavaScript, so they can be integrated into a modern, browser-based HTML5 web application.

CheerpJ achieves this by:

  • Covering 100% of the Java 8 language, including reflection and dynamic class generation;
  • Providing a full Java SE runtime library;
  • Supporting file system access (read and write), audio, printing through native browser features;
  • Supporting Java multi-threading and HTML5 WebWorkers;
  • Converting Java from bytecode, without requiring access to the application source code.

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Run Java applets without installing Java today

Simply install the extension with 1 click and then enable it on applet based Web pages using the icon in the upper right corner of Chrome.

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