Leaning Technologies Presented With Two National Technology Awards

Leaning Technologies were presented with the Cloud Innovation of the Year and Best Enterprise Tech Project at the 2022 National Technology Awards in London.

Latest: Internet Explorer EOL - What it means for Enterprise Legacy Applications This year Microsoft intends to end its mainstream support of it's long-lived browser, Internet Explorer. Find out what it means for your Enterprise Legacy Applications.

Compile to WebAssembly?

A next-generation language of the Web, compatible with any Browser and any Device, WebAssembly allows your code to breathe new life and be compiled into a standard Web application.


Extend the life of Legacy Apps

With our conversion tools, you can extend the life of your legacy application by automatically converting it to HTML5/JavaScript/WebAssembly. Whether Java, C/C++ or Flash, we have a solution for you.

Future proof your technology

Web Applications are growing in complexity, and gradually replacing the role of desktop applications. Thanks to WebAssembly and our tools, you can future proof your applications by bringing them in whole or in part to the Web.

WebAssembly Experts

At Leaning Technologies we specialise in bringing your software to the browser. Compiled automatically, executed efficiently, fully client-side. Our team of WebAssembly and compiler experts are ready to help you on your next project.

Who we work with

Our Products

Our custom built C++ to WebAssembly compiler

Our Java to WebAssembly / JavaScript compiler

Our solution to run Flash or x86 in modern browsers


Converting vs Rewriting


An efficient, automated process with more certain timelines.

Single code base

Keeping a single code base means avoiding code duplication and maintenance costs in the future.

No bug duplication

Writing code results inevitably in the creation of new bugs and issues. Reusing existing code means avoiding it.

Leveraging existing skills

Avoid having to double your team, by keeping on the project the persons that already made it great.

Using technology instead of man-power, to reduce costs and uncertainties.


Web as a platform


Browsers isolate the operating system through sandboxing and gatekeeping. Computation executes client-side on devices, ruling out any breach during data transmission.


No device- or operating system-dependent code to mantain. Targeting browsers allows to solve problems now and future-proof your application.


Browsers are exceptionally fast at executing code, and they keep improving. The WebAssembly standard is another big step in this direction, bringing browser applications close to native speed.


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