Enterprise-Grade WebAssembly Solutions

At Leaning Technologies, we help harness the power of modern browsers so you can develop complex, high-performance web applications, or preserve critical legacy systems, in any programming language.

Our state-of-the-art WebAssembly solutions are here to help.

We are Leaning Technologies

We make WebAssembly solutions to help businesses making the transition from native to modern Web Applications. 

Since 2012, our technologies have given organisations a real alternative to rewriting existing applications to HTML5/JavaScript, or to discontinuing mission-critical internal applications. 

CheerpJ 3.0 now available!

Our full JVM/JRE replacement for modern browsers is now available. Run any Java Application, Applet, Java WebStart and Library in the browser.

Helping customers and partners globally

What We Offer

Future Proof Your Technology

Thanks to their improved performance, security and platform-independency, Web Applications are gradually replacing the role of most desktop applications.

Leveraging WebAssembly and our development tools, you can future proof your products and internal applications by bringing them to the Web.

Extend the Life of Legacy Applications

Preserve mission-critical legacy applications written in Java, Flash and beyond, by automatically converting or emulating them to HTML5 and WebAssembly.

We provide automated migration solutions for:

  • Java Applets
  • Stand-alone Java Applications, including Java Web Start
  • Oracle Forms, including Applets and FSAL
  • Adobe Flash (AS2 and AS3), including Flex / Spark

Developing for the browser in WebAssembly?

We provide software development tools to target HTML5 / WebAssembly from several programming languages and systems.

Our tools can be used to develop new applications or modernise existing ones.

Trusted WebAssembly Experts

Leaning Technologies has been directly involved in the specifications and browser implementation of WebAssembly since its inception.

We actively champion multiple proposals for the furthering of the standards and are active implementers and contributors to all the main Desktop browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Our WebAssembly experts are ready to support your complex development or migration project to HTML5.

The Leaning Technologies

Modernisation Solutions for Enterprise Applications


Cheerp is an enterprise-grade C/C++ compiler for the web that can compile C/C++ into WebAssembly and JavaScript.


A solution to modernise and preserve access to Java Applications and Applets by removing the requirement for Java on the client.

CheerpX for Flash

A long-term HTML5 solution for preserving accessibility to Flash applications on modern unmodified browsers.


Powered by the CheerpX virtualization engine, which enables safe, sandboxed client-side execution of x86 binaries on any browser.

What’s New