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CheerpJ 2.3 released

CheerpJ, Technical Blog
CheerpJ is a solution to run unmodified Java applications on the browser, in WebAssembly and JavaScript. It is based on two components: a full Java runtime environment in WebAssembly and JavaScript, and…
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Java 8: What are your options in 2022?

In March 2022, Oracle dropped its Premier Support for Java 8, and if you happen to be a decision maker in your company, the question to ask yourself is this: is now…
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Cheerp 2.7 Released

Blog & News, Cheerp, Technical Blog
Today we announce the general availability of Cheerp 2.7, following the recent release candidate of February 24th, announced here. Cheerp is an open-source, enterprise-grade C/C++ compiler that can generate WebAssembly, JavaScript, or…
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