An Enterprise-Grade C++ Compiler For The Web

14 March 2023: Cheerp 3.0 released and relicensed to Apache 2.0 licence! Release notes here.

What is Cheerp?

Cheerp is an enterprise-grade C/C++ compiler for the web that can compile C/C++ into WebAssembly and JavaScript. It is open source, liberally licensed (LLVM licence) and is actively developed by Leaning Technologies.


Unique features

JavaScript interoperability

Expressive intefacing with JavaScript libraries and the DOM, without wrappers or any overhead.

Export C++ with [[cheerp::jsexport]]

Expose a C++ API to be called from external JavaScript libraries or interfaces, or directly from your page.

Combine memory models

Combine fast linear memory with garbage collectible JavaScript objects, the best of both worlds.

Maintain one code base

Cheerp automatically generates both a WebAssembly module & a highly compatible JavaScript module, from one single code base.


The enterprise-grade C/C++
compiler for the Web

Performance oriented

Fastest and leanest output, thanks to our optimizations performed on top of the LLVM industry standard.

Production ready

Tested on complex real-world codebases, for solving real problems effectively.

First class interoperability

Zero-overhead interactions with browser, DOM, WebAPIs (WebGL/WebAudio), or other libraries. Easy for the developer, and extremely efficient.

Enhanced debug

Source maps and a custom memory profiling tool are provided to improve the development cycle.

Developer friendly

Warnings are clear and guide towards solving any problem, along with extensive documentation and tutorials.

Powerful add-ons

In-browser memory profiling, filesystem emulation, OpenGL compatility layer, and several others.

Trusted By

Trusted By

Customer Stories

CPQ Application Modernization Success

Our Client is a multinational medical technology company that specializes in the development, manufacturing, and distribution of medical devices, equipment, and services. They faced the challenge of modernizing a complex Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) application that had been developed over two…

Interior design CAD solution for home planning powered by Cheerp

HomeByMe is an online 3D space planning service developed by Dassault Systèmes SE, and powered by Cheerp Market-leading software for home planning, HomeByMe is an online-only 3D home planning service developed by Dassault Systèmes SE, Europe’s second-largest software development company…

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Industry and Product Insights

The performance and size of the converted code have been always quite impressive, but in the last year, Cheerp has further dramatically improved the runtime speed, and drastically reduced the compiled size, allowing us to save on bandwidth and resources, as well as to extend our customer base.

As a matter of fact, the performance is so good that in 2017 we stopped delivering any alternative native version and moved to a web-only application!

Vincent Picou
CEO, 3DVIA – Dassault Systèmes




  • Apache 2.0 License with LLVM exceptions (LLVM licence)
  • C/C99/C++99/C++11/C++14/C++17/C++20 compliant
  • Command line LLVM utilities
  • Documentation and tutorials
  • SourceMap enabled debugging
  • Community support on Discord


  • Apache 2.0 License with LLVM exceptions (LLVM licence)
  • C/C99/C++99/C++11/C++14/C++17/C++20 compliant
  • Command line LLVM utilities
  • Documentation and tutorials
  • SourceMap enabled debugging
  • Add-ons: Filesystem & in page memory profiler
  • Enterprise-grade technical support with tailored SLAs
  • Feature prioritisation and sponsored development available
  • Access to our development team for compilation log reviews, video calls, consulting


Download Cheerp

Cheerp is open-source software. Build it from source following these instructions for Linux or Windows.