Leaning Technologies Unveils CheerpJ 3.0


A Revolutionary WebAssembly-Based Solution for Running Unmodified Java Applications in the Browser

[LEEDS, UK, 01/02/2024] – Leaning Technologies, a pioneer in innovative web solutions, proudly introduces CheerpJ 3.0, the latest evolution of its groundbreaking technology designed to seamlessly run large-scale, unmodified Java applications in the browser.

Building on the success of its predecessor, CheerpJ 3.0 introduces a wholly new architecture that brings a host of features to enhance performance, Java compatibility, and ease of use.

CheerpJ has been a resounding success, amassing over 130,000 users globally since its first release in 2017, and establishing itself not only as the go-to solution for running legacy Enterprise Java Applications on modern browsers, but also as a prominent tool to modernize Java-based applications to modern web standards.

CheerpJ’s ability to efficiently and securely run real-world Java code on modern browsers with minimal effort has proven invaluable in extending the life of existing Java-based components. The success can be attributed to several key capabilities:

  • No Source Code Required: CheerpJ operates at the level of Java bytecode, eliminating the need for access to the source code. This allows CheerpJ to handle third-party frameworks, dependencies, and obfuscated code.
  • Extensive Compatibility: Based on an unmodified OpenJDK environment, CheerpJ guarantees consistent behaviour on the browser compared to a native JVM. Emulation layers ensure seamless integration with subsystems such as Filesystem, Networking, Printing, Clipboard, and more.
  • Server-side or client-side integration. CheerpJ can be integrated server-side as a JavaScript library on self-hosted applications, or used as a browser extension on third-party applications (Java Applets and Java Web Start). This makes the solution equally appealing to Java developers, and organizations that need to access third-party Java-based applications.

Powered by WebAssembly and by a novel Java bytecode JIT compiler, CheerpJ 3.0 constitutes a major step forward in fully enabling Java to run on modern browsers. Leaning Technologies is happy to announce that, thanks to the new runtime architecture, work has started to extend CheerpJ support to Java 11, as a first step towards reaching LTS version parity with the Java language.

Leaning Technologies invites developers, enterprises, and the Java community to explore the next frontier of web application development with CheerpJ 3.0. Learn more about this revolutionary solution at www.cheerpj.com.

About Leaning Technologies:

Leaning Technologies is a leading provider of cutting-edge WebAssembly based development solutions, committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the web. With a focus on innovation, performance, and user experience, Leaning Technologies continues to deliver transformative technologies that empower developers and businesses worldwide.

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