Extend the life of Oracle Forms

CheerpJ is the only solution on the market to preserve access to any version of Oracle Forms on modern browsers.

Why CheerpJ?

Over the last couple of years, Internet Explorer has been the only browser in which organisations have been able to run Oracle Forms online since 10g.

However, with Microsoft’s announcement to officially retire Internet Explorer in June 2022, the time has come to secure an alternative way to access these applications via the browser.

CheerpJ is the only solution on the market to preserve access to Java Applets, including those generated by Oracle Forms, on modern browsers.

Oracle Forms Modern Browser

Modern Browsers

The conversion of legacy Oracle Forms to HTML5 with minimal or no effort, making them accessible from modern browsers, without a local installation.  With CheerpJ you can access Oracle Forms via Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, or any other modern browser, including for mobile.

Easy Implementation

CheerpJ doesn’t require any change to the source code, saving you time, money and resources. So not only does this approach work with any version of Oracle Forms (6i, 10g, 11g, or 12c), it is also available for Organisations that rely on third-party applications.

Increased Accessibility

CheerpJ, which relies on modern HTML5, WebAssembly and JavaScript, enables organisations not only to access their applications on mobile devices but also give access to external users.

How CheerpJ Works


The CheerpJ compiler processes your Java bytecode ahead of time, generating optimised JavaScript that can run on any browser.

CheerpJ Runtime

In parallel to your converted application, deploy a higly-optimised runtime in WebAssembly and JavaScript, keeping 100% of the execution client-side. Based on a full unmodified build of OpenJDK .

CheerpJ Java compiler

Whenever new classes are generated (e.g. through proxy classes), CheerpJ will convert them on the fly for you.

ApplicationServerCheerpJ RuntimeHTTP ServerAll ModernBrowsersBackendFrontend

Thanks to these three components, CheerpJ provides a seamless experience of executing a converted Java application on any browser, fully client-side. No plugins and no installation are required from the user.

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