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Version 2.3

Read the release notes here.

By clicking on the ‘Download’ above, you are accepting the CheerpJ non commercial licence agreement.

CheerpJ is very easy to use. Our step by step tutorial will guide you through the process of compiling an unmodified JAR file to a JAR.JS file.

  1. Download and install CheerpJ – CheerpJ is distributed as an archive for all the platforms, you can unpack the archive anywhere in the system.
  2. Build or download the JAR file – CheerpJ compiles unmodified JAR files to JavaScript so that they can run in the browser.
  3. Build the JAR.JS file – CheerpJ provides a convenient python program to convert whole JARs to JavaScript:
  4. Create an HTML page 
  5. Run the application in the browser

For more information, please read our in-depth Getting Started page.