Cheerp Demos

Cheerp is a C++ to WebAssembly / JavaScript compiler. The code is transformed and optimized ahead of time, and the resulting files can then be included in your webpage to be executed client side in any browser.

Interested in checking how the integration works? You are in the right place, this page includes some examples of basic to advanced Cheerp usage. Want to know more about how it works under the hood? Open you favorite browser’s developer tools and inspect how it works.


JSExported library compiled to JS

JSExport is a unique Cheerp’s feature that allows to expose a JavaScript interface for a C++ codebase. This allow easier and more powerful integration by other JavaScript code.
Experiments to demonstrate basic JSExport capabilities, discussed more in depth in our article on Medium.
Click the button or open your browser console to experiment hands on with the examples.
Cheerp powers also Cheerp and CheerpX,
so all their demo doubles as examples of what’s achievable with Cheerp.
Go for example to CheerpJ’s demos or CheerpX’s articles about Flash or nodejs in the browser