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CheerpX for Flash now generally available

 19.10.2020 -  Stefano De Rossi

A pure HTML5 solution to extend the life of Flash applications on any browser Today we announce the general availability of CheerpX for Flash , a solution for organisations to extend the life of existing Flash applications on any browser after December 2020. CheerpX for Flash allows organisations to extend the life of any Flash-based application, including Flex, Spark and OpenLaszlo applications. Applications built using any framework, with any build environment, are compatible with CheerpX for Flash.

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Announcing CheerpX for Flash, a solution to extend the life of Flash applications post-2020

 21.09.2020 -  Stefano De Rossi

Today we are proud to announce CheerpX for Flash , a solution to run existing Flash applications on any browser after December 2020. CheerpX for Flash will allow organisations to extend the life of any Flash-based application, including Flex, Spark and OpenLaszlo applications, by using an ‘emulated’ (virtualised) version of the Adobe Flash Player, that can be used post-2020. A Flash demo running on Chrome 86 for Windows, without the Flash Player Plugin.

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CheerpJ Enables World’s Most Powerful Professional Cloud Video Platform To Run As A Browser-based HTML5 Application

 02.09.2020 -  Ryan Forde

Our Client Blackbird is the world’s fastest, most powerful professional cloud video editing and publishing platform. Their fully-featured, high-performance editor is accessed through any browser as an HTML5 web application, is easy to learn and needs only 2 Mb/s of bandwidth to use. Blackbird provides rapid access to video content for the easy creation of clips, highlights and longer form content that can then be published to multiple devices and platforms.

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Latest developments at Leaning Technologies: August edition

 24.08.2020 -  Carlo Piovesan

July and August have been intense months for our technical team, with work going on the development of Cheerp, CheerpJ and CheerpX. Cheerp On the Cheerp side, Yuri kept working to avoid the lowering of 64 bit integer math for the JavaScript backend of Cheerp, allowing even more performance gains for the generated WebAssembly modules (already the first phase showed a 1.8x performance boost, on multiplication- heavy code benchmarks). He is currently working on a complex program-wide transformation, that would allow even more abuse of 64bit integer math for performance gains.

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Can you convert Java Applications to HTML5 and WebAssembly/JavaScript?

 13.08.2020 -  Ryan Forde

Despite popular belief, Java is far from dead and is actually the second most popular programming language overall, particularly in Enterprise Software. It still enjoys a very active community, a rich ecosystem of tooling, a ton of libraries and frameworks, it is able to adapt and evolve while being backwards compatible (mostly) and it is still widely used in the industry. Modern Enterprise Applications While Java provides a great environment for server-side and native applications, modern enterprise application clients are increasingly moving toward HTML5 standards.

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Leaning Technologies announces a technical partnership with PhET Interactive Simulations

 29.07.2020 -  Stefano De Rossi

Leaning Technologies and University of Colorado Boulder’s PhET Interactive Simulations partner to bring PhET’s free Java simulations to the web, supporting global math and science learning. PhET’s legacy Java simulation, Forces and Motion, now runs in any web browser, thanks to Leaning Technologies’ CheerpJ Java to WebAssembly compiler. (Image by PhET Interactive Simulations, University of Colorado Boulder, licenced under CC-BY 4.0.) Taking advantage of Leaning Technologies’ CheerpJ Java to WebAssembly compiler , PhET Interactive Simulations at University of Colorado Boulder has developed a stopgap solution to make their Java simulations accessible via any web browser, without a local Java installation.

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Cheerp 2.5 released

 13.05.2020 -  Stefano De Rossi

Today we announce the release of Cheerp 2.5, the first major release of the Cheerp compiler after the release of 2.0 — the first release to support WebAssembly — one year ago. This follows our release candidate of April 8th, announced here . Cheerp is an open-source, enterprise-grade C/C++ compiler that can generate WebAssembly , JavaScript, or a combination of the two. It is a commercial alternative to the Emscripten toolchain, focused on providing better interoperability with JavaScript, allowing to generate garbage-collectable JavaScript, smaller WebAssembly build size and better performance.

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CheerpJ 2.1 released

 06.04.2020 -  Stefano De Rossi

Today we release CheerpJ 2.1, the latest major update to our Java to WebAssembly and JavaScript compiler. About CheerpJ CheerpJ is a solution to compile ahead of time and execute Java bytecode on the browser in WebAssembly and JavaScript. It comes with a full Java runtime environment, and with Java-JavaScript bidirectional interoperability. CheerpJ provides several browser-based system functions, including virtualized file systems, I/O, networking and audio. Since release 2.0, CheerpJ supports WebAssembly in its runtime environment, for higher performance and smaller footprint.

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