is a x86 to WebAssembly virtualization technology

can virtualize native executables or full operating systems

can run any x86 application, fully client side

use case: running Flash content in the browser by virtualizing the Flash player


CheerpX 101

Two-tiered execution engine

Interpreter that does code discovery + bookeeping to allow to efficiently pass hot code to the JIT.

x86→Wasm JIT, in WebAssembly

CheerpX JIT engine, a WebAssembly module that compiles new Webassembly modules.

Emulate devices or system calls

CheerpX emulates system calls or device access using Web APIs and browser functions.

General purpose platform technology

CheerpX can be used to run single x86 application, or full systems.


Tell me more

We are working on CheerpX, but it’s not yet available generally.
If you are curious and want to know more, stay tuned, or get in touch!


Latest about CheerpX

CheerpX multi-language REPL

The CheerpX x86 VM powers this client-side, WebAssembly REPL environment, including node.js, python3 and Ruby.

CheerpX preview at Wasm SF

Our Senior Developer Yuri gave a technical preview of CheerpX at the WebAssembly San Francisco Meetup at Cloudflare.

Extreme WebAssembly

CheerpX is probably the most complex Wasm application. Our point of view on capabilities and (current) limits of this technology.

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