CheerpX for Flash

  • a solution for organisations to extend the life of Adobe Flash applications on modern browsers post-2020

  • based on the Adobe Flash Player for full compatibility

  • supports ActionScript 2 and 3

  • supports Flex and Spark

  • supports networking, file access and many other Flash APIs

Can I see it in action?

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How is this possible?

CheerpX for Flash in a nutshell


Based on the Adobe Flash Player

CheerpX for Flash runs the Adobe Flash Player in WebAssembly. This means 100% compatibility with Flash.


WebAssembly virtualization and emulation

Thanks to the CheerpX JIT engine, browsers can run the Adobe Flash Player efficiently
even after 2020


Available to Flash developers and integrators

CheerpX can be easily integrated on any HTML page with Flash, whether you developed the software or are just integrating it.


Cloud-based or self-hostable

You can host CheerpX on public or private clouds, or private airgapped networks. CheerpX does not require a backend other than an HTTP server.

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