CheerpX for Flash

  • an HTML5 solution for organisations to extend the life of Flash applications on modern browsers post-2020

  • based on the Adobe Flash Player for full compatibility

  • supports ActionScript 2 and 3, Flex, Spark, and any framework

  • fully client-side, and runs on normal browsers

  • supports networking, file access and many other Flash APIs

Can I see it in action?

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How is this possible?

CheerpX for Flash in a nutshell


Based on the Adobe Flash Player

CheerpX for Flash runs the Adobe Flash Player and its runtime in WebAssembly. This means 100% compatibility with Flash.


WebAssembly virtualization and emulation

Based on our HTML5 virtualization technology CheerpX, it allows existing Flash applications to run on normal browsers
after 2020


Available to Flash developers and integrators

CheerpX can be easily integrated on any HTML page with Flash, whether you developed the software or are just integrating it.


Cloud-based or self-hostable

You can host CheerpX on public or private clouds, or private airgapped networks. CheerpX does not require a backend other than an HTTP server.

How it works

Three key components

Adobe Flash Player

The Adobe Flash Player and its full runtime are at the core of CheerpX for Flash. This allows any existing, unmodified application to run with CheerpX for Flash.


The Flash Player is run by an HTML5 'emulator' based on CheerpX, on the user browser. It executes fully client-side, without the user noticing.

HTTP Hosting

The Flash Player and CheerpX are hosted on any HTTP server. CheerpX for Flash is integrated on any Flash HTML5 page by adding a one-line script to the page.

CheerpX for Flash is an easy-to-integrate solution to seamlessly extend the life of existing Flash applications, without special browsers or any action from the user.

Recent news

Latest about CheerpX for Flash

CheerpX for Flash now generally available

CheerpX for Flash, our HTML5 technology to extend the life of existing Flash applications, is now generally available.

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WASM virtualization saves Flash

Our CTO Alessandro writes on how CheerpX can extend the life of Flash content by virtualizing the Flash Player in WASM.

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CheerpX preview at WASM SF

Our Senior Developer Yuri gave a technical preview of CheerpX at the WebAssembly San Francisco Meetup at Cloudflare.

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